Sunday, January 1, 2012

Being The 30th December, 2011 ...

22 people gathered to celebrate the approaching Turn of the (calendar) Year.
They were welcomed by this strangely dressed individual …

… who greeted everyone with a single word – HUMBUG!

Here’s some of the charming company …

We received apologies from certain regular participants on the grounds of ill health.
Somebody asked, “Where’s Ken?”
It seems he and Mave had a better offer.
Berry? Brenda? – Dunno!

Unfortunately Pat Ware, (who oversees our tenancy of the Guide Hall,) and husband, Allan, were unable to attend to receive our customary gift of flowers, again because of some seasonal suffering.

We were particularly delighted to welcome our founding father, Max, and Sylvia once more in our company.

With a near-prompt beginning at 20.14 hrs, 47 secs, here’s what we performed:

In the Bleak Midwinter: Jane T.
Travellin' Light: Richard
Kathy's Song: Lynda
Saint Stephen: Roland
As I sat under a Sycamore Tree: Angela
Mother's Fed up with Christmas: Les
Lavender's Blue: Yvonne
I'll Take you Dancing Tonight: Mike H.
Coventry Carol: Jane R.
The Owl and the Pussy Cat: Roger
Cherry Tree Carol: Margaret
Sleigh Bells: Mick
The King: Max & Sylvia
Bedlam Boys: Max & Sylvia
To Know, Know, Know Him: Lucy
Perhaps Love: David
Copper's Christmas Song: Nigel
Your Mother and I: Paul
Shepherds Arise: Colin
Farewell, Farewell: Lynda
Play a Simple Melody: Richard
Three Babes: Angela
Shady Grove: Les

At this juncture Dogsbody coerced Angela and Roland into performing The Boar’s Head Carol, unrehearsed apart from some summary exchanges by email.

It went rather well, and served as an invitation to share food that everybody had brought along.
The FOOD – aaah!
Thank you everybody.
The blueberry pavlova was a culinary triumph.

Down to musical business again:

Butter and Cheese and All: Roland
Push a Little Button: Yvonne
The Freedom Come All Ye: Nigel
Washed in the Blood of the Lamb: Jane & Roger
Ghost Horses: Mike H.
My Love is like a Red Red Rose: Margaret
Children and the Flowers: David
Blanket on the Ground: Lucy, Paul, Sylvia & Max
Farther Along: Roger
Dreaming my Dreams with You: Max & Sylvia
The Ship Comes Home: Mick
The Good Old Way: Colin, Jane, Angela & Roland
Won't you come Home, Bill Bailey: Paul
Cole Creek March: Richard
Days: Max & Sylvia
Awake, awake, you Drowsy Sleeper: Angela
Good Night Angel: David
Down in yon Forest: Colin
Dance me to the end of Love: Jane, Roger & Mick

We finished with a traditional rendering of Auld Lang Syne led by Nigel. There was only a little gymnastic difficulty with regard to the hand-holding/arm-crossing choreography.

All in all this was a special evening of wonderful music in delightful company.
Importantly, it celebrated the end of another successful year for The City Folk Club.

Thank you to everyone who came along, shared music and food, and contributed in whatever way.
Thank you to all of you regularly attend, and to those who occasionally come along.
It is you that makes this remarkable gathering work.

Here's wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2012.

Addendum: Mrs. Ware says, "Thank you for the lovely flowers," and wishes us all joy for the coming year.


parkingspaceman said...

Attendees/non-attendees may rest assured that 'apologies for absence' are not required, and any rumours that DBS&W will maintain a register of attendance - with Black Marks for those absent - are entirely without foundation. Up until now, that is. May 2012 see us greeting newbies warmly and returners as "Prodigal Sons" without reproach, as we have done since the club's founding. May we all enjoy a happy, healthy and peaceful year.

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

That may well suit PSM and myselves, but we are wary of what people are really thinking. To that end have we written a suitable explanation which may be recited or sung to the tune of "Never Let Your Dingle Dangle In The Dirt" Here we go then:-

If you play your cards right
As year we leave behind
Kenny will not be there
Is that too unkind?

Going always somewhere
Around the globe to roam
Alas him always finding
The route that brings him home

Speaking ever funny tongues
Foreign customs too
We could move the clubhouse
While Kenny in Peru

Just in case you wonder
Why myself not there
It is because the clothing
I have not to wear

Nor have songs to suit you
Nothing that I like
Now the Xmas roller skates
Have swapped me for a bike.

parkingspaceman said...

LA&SB displays a startling level of talent. If he'd advertise when he's going to perform this opus, I'll ensure I'm even further away than Peru.
A Thought: is someone who repeatedly says "Humbug" a humbugger?