Saturday, January 7, 2012

Being The 6th January, 2012 ...

17 people were sufficiently recovered from the season of overindulgence to attend.

Paul directed operations.

For Ramona#1/I'm a Loser: Paul
Galway to Graceland: Mike P.
There'll be no Sorrow There: Angela
God Bless the Master: Roland, Angela & Colin
Faded Coat of Blue: Richard
Now the Buffalo's gone: Les
...(?) and the Sorcerer: Mick
Carrion Crow: Tony
Give to the Belly, Boys: Ken
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles: Mave
After 2000 Years: David
My Eldorado: Nigel
I've got Nothing but Time: Sue & Patrick
Ogreyala: Patrick & Sue
Forsaken Mother and Child: Colin
For Ramona#2: Paul
Galway Girl: Mike
Here we Come a Wassailing: Angela
Fakenham Fair: Roland
Sugar Hill: Richard
When I'm 64: Les
Khosidl: Mick
The Indian Lass: Ken
When the Green Man Walks the Forest: Mave
Don't Weep for Me: David
Westering Home: Sue
The Painful Plough: Nigel
Annie's Gonna Sing a Song: Patrick
Parting Song: Colin

Someone asked about Mick's offering, Khosidl.
(Isn't Wikipedia is wonderful resource?)
Apparently it's some sort of Yiddish dance. See Jewish dance

Celebration at a siyum ha-Torah (completion of the writing of a Torah scroll) in a synagogue, Dubrovno, Russia (now in Belarus), ca. 1905.

You can find Mick's earlier rendition recorded on board MV Richmond in June 2011 at Khosidl, Mick W

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Parkingspaceman said...

If languages can dance, then Khosidl may indeed be a 'Yiddish' dance. This must be one of the few instances where a nation or culture has a language with a different name. Inuit, Arapaho, French... perhaps we have to go to India for another example: Gujurati (but this might be a culture as well, I don't know...), or China - are there Mandarin or Yue dances? We can confidently await repudiation from the anti-semantics (sic) amongst us, my life already.