Sunday, January 15, 2012

Being Friday, the 13th of January, 2012 ...

Twenty-six people overcame the widely-held, irrational superstition regarding the date and ventured forth.

The director's chair was occupied by an innominate penguin of indeterminate gender.

Two experts in Antarctic ornithology have reliably identified the penguin as eudyptes moseleyi.
That's a rockhopper: anyone who has watched the film Happy Feet will know that.

The flightless bird was lovingly assisted by Angela who has still to decide on a name for her accomplice.


Wildwood Flower: Angela & Roland
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship: Colin & Laura
Little Bitty Tear: Paul
Sealed with a Kiss: Lynda & Paul
Bold Gambling Boy: Roland
The Man with a Child in his Eyes: Molly
Please Don't Call me Louise: Mike H.
After the Goldrush: Laura & Colin
Two Shetland Tunes: Lorna
Christmas in No-Man's Land: Annie
Four Strong Winds: Margaret
The Shepherd of Aberdovey: Bill
The Snows They Melt the Soonest: Kath
Little Pot Stove: Ken
Stone Walling Song: Mave
At the End of the Day: Nigel
Dreaming: Berry
King of Rome: Lucy
With a Little Help from my Friends: Les
Santiano: Angela & Roland
Parcel of Rogues: Colin
Things we used to do: Paul
The Carnival is Over: Lynda & Paul
Four Seasons in one Day: Molly
Do You Remember (something about a former girlfriend who went off to France): Mike H.
Looking at the Rain: Laura
Maid of County Down: Lorna
Farewell (my Love): Annie
Sospan Fach: Bill
Billy Riley: Kath
Farewell to the Gold: Ken
North Country Maid: Mave
Bye Bye Blues: Berry
When You Say Nothing At All: Lucy
Speak to the Sky: Les
The Farmer's Toast: Nigel


Dogsbody's note:
Nigel had earlier advised that he would like to present the finishing song: an offer that the MC gladly accepted.
Nigel kindly distributed hard-copy of the chorus during the interval, so the finale became a glorious piece of community singing.
It strikes me that this is a strategy that would be worthy of perpetuating.
Thank you, Nigel!


La Jolie Guirlande said...

About the penguin....after requesting name suggestions ideas are beginning to trickle in. So far the offerings are as follows:

Nobby - offered by a giggling Roger
Dennis - Mick ('he looks much more like a Dennis than a Nobby')
Percival - Yvonne
Picupa - Pam (when I looked quizzical Pam broke it down....Pick up a ...Penguin!)

He has chosen to ignore Ken's incredulity about his ability to hear, or cruel!


Parkingspaceman said...

Glad you didn't put up a picture of the penguin. I'd find that far more frightening than that masked entity. (Oh no, what have I said!).

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

In light of the genus-nomenclure. I think 'Mosley'would be a good name.