Monday, February 20, 2012

Being Friday, the 17th of February, 2012 ...

Angela documented the following performances:

Kissing is a crime: Angela
Love Letters Straight from the Heart: Berry
Sweet Mystery: David
Forever and the Same: Howard
Sea of Love: Jane R.
Automatic Mama: Duncan
Roll on John: Roger
Rambling Boy/Snorkel: Mick
The Constant Lovers: Mike
I keep forgetting: Les
Amazing Grace: Jane W.
Flash Company: Jenny
Gin you Kiss my Wife I’ll tell the Minister/Round with a Health to Glorious Wellington: Bill
Let There be Love: Lucy
Her Father didn't Like me Anyway: Paul
Bird’s Advice: Angela
Somewhere my Love/Lara’s theme: Berry
Morecambe Bay: David
The Ballad of the Woggler’s Mouley: Howard
All Things Beautiful: Jane R.
Blow  the Man Down: Duncan
St. James’ Infirmary Blues: Roger
The Bride’s a Bonny Wee Thing: Mick
Don’t Close your Eyes: Les
Fathom the Bowl: Nigel, with glorious harmony from ‘the company’
Once I had a Sweetheart: Jane W.
Holmfirth Anthem: Bill & Jenny
Will The Circle (crazy wild jam missed a treat Mr T!): Bill
Solitude: Lucy
Dream Lover: Paul
Seven Golden Daffodils: Berry
The Mule Song: David (One day we may even manage the chorus!)
Scotland the Brave: Howard (on what I believe he said his wife had described as his ‘tremendous organ’!)
Dance Me to the End of Love: Jane, Mick & Roger

Angela went on to write as follows:

Thanks to David...who managed to open the front door:
  • to Berry/Brenda/David/Nigel/Bill/Jenny and Roland who helped to set up the room,
  • to Paul for scribing the above most efficiently and legibly in the dark,
  • to Jane for handling the funds and locking up.
I had a great time...hope everyone else did too.
Afraid we didn’t start ‘bang on’ time as the MC decided to wait for a couple of late comers – including the Scribe!

Despite Ken’s absence we did not lack for banter as Berry was on sparkling, if rather cheeky form...don’t think he’s heard what teachers do to naughty boys.
Oh, and he’d like love letters please from any ladies who’d care to write them to him as, apparently, he didn’t get a Valentine from Brenda.

Bill professed himself to be ebullient, after leading us all so tremendously with 'Will The Circle ...' No one would have any doubts about the truth of that. It was a magnificent loud shout of things being fixed and seemed to be heartily enjoyed by all.

Aside from that some CD’s of superb provenance changed hands.
We did all go home quietly at the appointed time.

Now I must look up that word 'ebulliant'.
How can I achieve ebullience?
Is it painful?

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