Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whilst we were away ...

Dogsbody was absent for two weeks and demonstrated his dispensability thanks to the efforts of several deputies.

Whilst on group-holiday in the S├╝dtirol he came across a very competent accordion player named Daniel. Daniel had built his own instrument that exuded a growling bass to die for. He played several traditional Tyrolean melodies to which we freely yodelled between mouthfuls of apfelstrudel.

Then there was ‘I love to go a wandering …’
That went well, and I thought fondly of Ray.

“Do you know any English tunes?” someone asked, whereupon we heard the introductory strains of ‘Wild Rover’.

Oh, joy!
Dogsbody made eye-contact with a new-found friend, Nick, and together we launched forth with the lyrics.
Daniel understood the twirly-finger signal for ‘repeat’, and everyone joined in a final chorus.
There was some half-hearted applause for our company.

Daniel gave an enigmatic smile, tinged with sympathy
... and said nothing!

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