Saturday, March 17, 2012

Being Friday the 16th of March, 2012 ...

An unusual evening, given an early start and finish …

Doors opened, as promised, at 7.30pm.
John and Sylvia, (having read the appropriate email,) turned up on-the-dot and asked, “Is nobody else here?”
Not disheartened, they assisted in setting up the room.
Thank you J & S!

By 8.00pm we had a quorum: enough people to pay the rent.
Dogsbody rang the bell shortly after that.
Then he became confused by the presence of two Sylvias, both of whom sang three different songs about ‘my old/young man’.
Anyway, here’s what he thinks might have happened …

Maggie: Max & Paul
My Young Man: Sylvia S.
Too Soon to Know: Paul
A Soft Place to Fall: Lucy
The Trees they do Grow High: Colin
For the Good Times: Lynda
Beulah Land: Angela, Roland, Paul & Colin
My Old Man, (about someone getting lost): Sylvia T.
Go to Sea Once More: John
The Passing of a Queen: Ken
The Daffodils of Farndale: Mave
Bard of Armagh: Nigel
Slieve [Gallen]* Braes: Max
Devoted to You: Paul & Lucy
When You Say Nothing At All: Lucy
Greenland Whale Fisheries: Colin
Raglan Road: Lynda
The Turkish Lady: Roland
The Ballad of Erica Levine: Angela
Banks o' Doon: Elaine
Bloody January Again: Sylvia T.
I Wish it Would Rain: Lucy, Paul & Max
Hartlepool Monkey: John
My Old Man, (about a drunkard): Sylvia S.
The Gaol of Cluain Meala: Nigel
Please Help me I'm Falling: Max, Sylvia, Paul & Lucy

To summarise ...

Quite a few failed or failing amorous relationships.
Five dead whalermen.
One seriously abused mariner.
Three close relatives who have gone to the promised land, whereby they enjoy everlasting life.
A Turkish prostitute (citation required.)
Somebody who 'dilly-dallied'!
A passing female monarch.
A ageing Irish harper.
A host of golden daffodils. (Well, a lonely one was spotted at Haslemere station this week!)
The beauties, flora and fauna of a Scottish glen.
*Here's Slieve Gallen, AKA 'Gallion', in County Londonderry:

... and so much more.
Will this exposure to life's rich kaleidoscope of experience ever end?
No, because, if we are spared, we'll all be back next week.

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