Saturday, March 24, 2012

Being Friday the 23rd of March, 2012 ...

A splendid evening during which we were entranced, enchanted and entertained by this wondrous instrument ...

 No, it's not a model boat!
It's Nick's exquisitely decorated and finely tuned lute-back hurdy-gurdy!

Hear this ...

Recorded and engineered by Beresford Greene of Bognor Road Studios.

Berry successfully confused some of us by proceeding anticlockwise around the gathering.
Of course, this is considered by some to be unlucky - even unholy:
In folklore there are tales of people being transported to Elfland after running around a church widdershins, (Childe Rowland).

However, we're not superstitious.
Thunderbolts did not descend from the celestial realm, so we just got on with it ...

Passing Through: Roger
You Look Wonderful Tonight: Nigel
Over the Lancashire Hills: Mike
Rick-Rack: Mick & Marion T.
Seashore: Mick W.
The Daisy Song: Mave
The Dancing: Marion & Mick T.
A Russian Folk Song: Mark
Little Yellow Roses: Angela
A Sheep Shearing Song: Elaine
Star of County Down: Lorna
Where Have all the Flowers Gone: Margaret
Lonely When I'm with You: Eddie
The Water is Wide: Pat
Le Ruban Bleu: Nick
Bourrée Carrée de Saint Chartier : Nick
Verdant Braes of Skreen: Colin
End of the World: Lynda & Paul
Mole in a Hole: Paul
Devil Woman: Berry
If I go Ten Thousand Miles: Angela & Paul
The Owl and the Pussycat: Roger
Booley-House Jig/The Butterfly: Mick W. & Mike
Stately as a Gallion: Mave
Sweet Thames Flow Softly: Nigel
Black is the Colour: Margaret
Morecombe Bay: Mike
Not the Tennessee Blues: Mick & Marion T.
Brown Dance: Mark
Caledonia: Elaine
Glen o' Maddy: Lorna
The Night is Young: Eddie
Dark-Eyed Sailor: Pat
Bourrée Carrée de Vouvray: Nick
Moorlough Shore: Colin
Andrew Lammie: Lynda
If I had a Hammer: Paul
From a Jack to a King: Berry

Now, shall we all bourrée?

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