Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being Friday the 13th of April, 2012 ...

This was one of those really cosy evenings: not too hot, not too cold - just right!
Many of the songs referred to weather.

We had lots of sunshine …

… but rain, rainbows, wind, ice, thunder and lightening followed shortly …

There were only three bereavements to report from the repertoire.

There was one pregnancy, two marriages, a bit of love in French, a few sad partings, a smattering of holiness, but no songs about trains, and no yodelling.

Nevertheless, Paul bravely and competently whistled in his opening number.

Crazy: Paul
Annabelle: Lynda
Empty Days: Eddie
Sunshine on my Shoulders: Les
Mr Smith & Mr Jones: Tony
Why Worry: Nigel
Sand and Water: Lucy
Searching for Lambs: Colin
The Shepherd's Daughter: Angela
Moonshadow: Paul
Galway Shawl: Lynda
Cockles and Mussels: Brenda, (Lynda's mum.)
See that Rainbow Shine: Eddie
Morning Bells will Chime: Les
Qu'il est difficile d'aimer: Tony, (trans, Angela.)
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain: Nigel
Willie Ole Lad: Colin
Anchored in Love: Angela & Paul
Steal Away: Paul
In the Early Morning Rain: Lynda & Paul
Lonely with You: Eddie
Leaving on a Jet Plane: Les
Dimming of the Day: Nigel
Rolling Down to Old Maui: Colin & community
Just a Closer Walk with Thee: Nigel

Please remember:
prompt start next week, (doors open 7.30pm,) and we must vacate the hall by 10.30pm.

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