Sunday, April 8, 2012


I have just received a letter from the Guide Hall management.
Apparently the front door of the hall has been damaged for a second time because someone has left it open to swing in the wind. Repairs have been very costly.

The letter goes on to say that 'spot checks' will be undertaken.
If the door is observed to be unsecured during the hirer's occupation, then that group's rental will be increased.

I am confident that nobody is pointing an accusatory finger at our club.
We have a reputation for being 'responsible' people.
(It takes a long time to acquire a reputation. A good reputation can be lost in an instant! Who said that?)

So, the message is clear:
Please ensure that the front door is never left to swing in the wind.
It should be closed or securely hooked open.
In future it will be kept securely hooked open during the setting-up process, and closed as soon as music commences.
At the end of our proceedings it will be once again securely hooked open until the last person has left.

Please consider the neighbours as you leave in silence.

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