Saturday, July 7, 2012

Being Friday the 6th of July, 2012 ...

Something very strange was happening: it was as if mischievous spirits were among us ...

    There was a precipitate deterioration from benign order into abject and corporate daftness that seemingly arose spontaneously from a parallel universe.
    Dogsbody was hyperventilating within minutes, and, (despite his complete loss of control over the proceedings,) he managed with difficulty to document the following ‘doings’ …

    The Light Dragoon: Colin
    Della and the Dealer: Paul
    Sailing to Philadelphia: Lynda
    In Yarmouth Town: Roland
    Stars: Angela
    A Simple Melody: Richard
    You Wish Me to Forget You: Suzanne
    Motherless Child: Roger
    The Best Man: Elayne
    Cripple Creek: Mick
    Song of Innocence and Experience: Tony
    She was one of the Early Birds: Mave
    [A song from the Mony Python repertoire] citation required: Ken
    Mailman, Bring me no more Blues: Berry & Ken
    Crantock Games: Nigel
    Seminole Wind: Les
    Bridge Over Troubled Water: David
    Among the Leaves so Green - Oh: Tony
    The Bedmaking: Colin
    Doo-Wah-Diddy: Paul & Roger
    Desperado: Lynda
    German Clockwinder: Angela
    On the Porch Medley: Richard
    Weeping: Elayne
    Man of the World: Roger
    Khosidl: Mick
    A Roving: Mave
    The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom: Ken
    Sweet and Innocent: Berry
    Six Days on the Road: Les
    River of Dreams: David
    Thirty-Foot Trailer: Nigel

    Then, as we wandered home, we searched unsuccessfully for Molly's lost parrot ...

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