Sunday, August 19, 2012

Being Friday the 17th of August, 2012 ...

Quote of the evening, from Yvonne, was:
  • “You sound just like Karen Carpenter.”
  • “Thank you, but she’s been dead for twenty years!”

An immaculately groomed Paul was in the chair.
At last I have a decent photograph of Paul ...

"Oh, stop faffing around, will you?!"

Dogsbody crept around, moth-like, trying and failing to be unobtrusive while attending to the infrastructure of the proceedings.

Undeterred by that peripheral activity, others contributed some memorable performances, a few of which might be discernable from these clues …

  • The B-side of some great hit of the sixties.
  • A song conveyed subliminally from a parallel space-time continuum.
  • A purveyor of meat pies to submariners.
  • Some Creole culinary dishes.
  • Arranged marriage to a toy-boy who has yet to complete full-time education.
  • Barbarous use of a cereal crop.
  • A wireless aviator ...
  • ... and Roger charmingly declined to apologise for anything.

(If you can't work those out, you weren't listening!)

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