Saturday, December 22, 2012

Being Friday the 21st of December, 2012 ...

Undeterred by the imminent end of the world, as predicted by pre-Columbian  mystics, The City Folk Clubs seasonal party attracted 32 enthusiastic bodies, most of whom brought wholesome food to share.
Predictably for the season, there was a significant flavour of holiness to some of the music and songs.

There was a smattering of benign cynicism from the 'humbug' lobby, but lots of merriment.

A couple of younger participants, for incomprehensible reasons, appeared to be preoccupied with conflagration. (Is this really the end of the world?)

Other pictorial clues for this weeks performances seem superfluous, however

... and the meadows their beauty have lost.

Look what Mary got for Christmas.

 Appetites were satiated during the interval, with many people going back to the buffet tables for second helpings.

Please, Sir, I want some more ...
Dogsbody had some difficulty in enticing people back into the real business of musical performance, partly because Jane still had food stuck between her teeth.

Mighty dread on Ilkley Moor.
"Don't make eye-contact," said Joachim.

 We were clearing up the hall well before the witching hour when somebody realised that it would be Angelas birthday the following day. The strains of an enthusiastic Happy Birthday to You were clearly audible from the loo, and probably by neighbours across the road.

THANK YOU to everyone who attended, brought their music, shared their food and, importantly, warm friendship and good will.
and, you may have noticed
the world is still here!
(Isnt it?)

If we are spared another week, the club will meet as usual on Friday, 28th December.

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