Sunday, December 2, 2012

Being Friday the 30th of November, 2012 ...

Apologies to those who wondered if theyd entered the land of Lilliput because the tables seemed smaller than usual.


More than one participant wondered if they were suffering from vertigo.
Has my stature miraculously increased by several inches?
Had Dogsbody taken too much psychotropic medication?
One pill makes you larger ...

In spite of a shared sense of over-exposure, Paul led us in an evening of brilliant music.

A veritable multitude of requests were fulfilled with astounding quality.

We had the customary references to love, a bit of weather, sorcery, one murder, some inebriation, a horse auction, a song with no teeth, a prison, a dungeon, sedentary Cossack dancing, and at least one reference to a train.

Obscure pictorial clues follow …

Come along, Michael ...
it's time for your medication.
Come to bed now, dear.
... but I've not finished!

Captain Logan had us mangled.
... his wild harp slung behind him.

A celebrated US penitentiary

Has anyone seen my crumpet?

A Russian lady with a BIG chest!

With a screaching of brakes ...

This just gets more and more exciting every week.

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