Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being Friday the 11th of January, 2013 ...

Sorry this post has taken so long.

We enjoyed an evening of significant intellect …

  • Two songs with Shakespearean content.
  • Something about J. R. R. Tolkein.
  • A discussion about which came first: the lawn or the lawn-mower?
  • What do you call an eating utensil that has a fork at one end and a spoon at the other?
  • Someone mentioned hormones; Dogsbody is not sure why.
  • What is the plural form of the word crocus?
  • Only one reference to politics, and a smattering of holiness.

Here are this week's clues ...

Is that a tree walking in Fanghorn?

Croci, or crocuses?

A tribute to a stargazing ex-resident of Selsey.

We all wanted to know Mave's milliner.

Count this lot

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