Monday, March 4, 2013

Being Friday the 1st of March, 2013 ...

Now, being St. David's feast-day, that's better.

 The weather is milder than in recent weeks; seasonal illnesses are less life-threatening than originally thought, and certain people have returned from exotic winter-sun holidays.
We had to bring in extra chairs.
  • The death count included two hypothermic babies and only one suicide.
  • We heard one song about Nancy's lovely streams which debatably alludes to sex. (Or is it tin-mining?)
  • Owen, yet again, demonstrated his preoccupation with global cataclysm.
  • Mike used that word mellifluous once more.
  • There were a couple of nautical journeys.
  • To Dogsbody's regret, there were no songs about trains.

In company with Mick and Mike, Angela sang about Rosetta ...

Then there was Howard ...

Finally, in celebration of Saint David, we all went home humming Cwm Rhondda.

We'd forgotten the proper words, but that arpeggio in line 6 rising gloriously towards a dominant 7th chord in the alto and bass parts was truly memorable.

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