Thursday, July 18, 2013

Being Friday the 12th of July, 2013 ...

Dogsbody returns from sabbatical, a much happier man than he has been for many weeks, delighted to learn of his utter dispensability to the City Folk Club.
As predicted, in paraphrase … all has been well, and all manner of thing has been well.

Thank you to Lynda and Angela for keeping things running smoothly, and to all vertically-augmented persons who assisted with stringing up lights, etc..

Angela, Paul and Roger comprised the band that dare not speak its name ...

Mick performed two numbers that, for once, Dogsbody had no difficulty identifying ...

Here comes that celestial golden orb.

His first had something to do with an unhealthy indulgence ...

Connor received a badge and a sticker to mark his debut performances at the club.

Elayne took a significant risk by singing about a Spanish blood sport.
Everyone joined in!
There were Matadors and picadors and toreadors ...

Nigel found several dubious rhymes for the word ‘Hallelujah’

... and we all went home again in peace.


Evershed Arts Billingshurst said...

Colin - are you open in August.

Glad that the move went well by the way,

Stuart and Jan

The City Folk Club said...

Thanks, Stuart and Jan.
Yes, all Fridays for August, including the public holiday, are confirmed.
Good wishes,