Sunday, August 18, 2013

Being Friday the 16th of August, 2013 ...

More interesting images from the Guide Hall ...

Flowers that will last forever.

Is this a concertina?

Name this famous couple.

Eight participants of The City Folk Club demonstrated that they can have just as much fun as the Brownies and Guides.
Being so depleted in numbers, we all had lots of goes.

Lynda provided the obligatory death by misadventure.
Paul whistled.
Molly, assisted by others, provided an appropriate amount of holiness ... in Latin!
There were two accounts of lost maidenheads.

What else?

Then John Barleycorn he grew a long beard ...

Little boy fishing.

Lighthouse in the harbour
Mountains sweeping down to the sea.

Here are Molly and Connor
in 'Sorry corner'.

Dogsbody was obliged to leave early to catch one of these ...

Oh, Joy!

He thanks everybody for helping to clear up, and hopes that you all arrived home safely ... and in peace.

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