Sunday, September 15, 2013

Being Friday the 13th of Sepember, 2013 ...

Was it the weather that kept people at home?

The sky was grey;
it threatened wet.

Perhaps it was the inauspicious date, (Friday the thirteenth!)
Maybe Dogsbody was rude to somebody last week.

Momentarily the time was ...

It is quite remarkable what
a AA battery can do.

Paul MC-d for a grand total of 7 participants.
We almost had individual tables.
He did a grand job, and I know that it can be more stressful facilitating for a small number than for a full house.

Not disheartened, we carried on as usual, and enjoyed some splendid offerings.

"But I've only prepared one song!" was heard from some quarters, but we all searched our memory banks and had at least three turns each, in addition to several impromptu collaborations.

Look who's back in our midst ...

Is that Fiddlin' Bill?

Paul sang about the patron saint of lost causes ...

Tony sang about a bag of these tooth-rotting confections ...

Chris sang about a solitary perambulation beneath the moon ...

Bill played this tune ...

The composer of Maggie-Ann's Tune, Charlie Laurenson, lived here ...

Sousetter, near Voe, Shetland

At the end Paul, as a reward for our good behaviour, let us all go home early so that Dogsbody could catch the last train home.

If you weren't there, you missed the Guides'
new jolly bunting that demonstrates
the agnostic version of their promise.

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