Monday, September 9, 2013

CD Review #1

Heart by BeHeld.

Image courtesy of BeHeld.
Artwork by Ned Ouwell.

Long awaited is this second EP of BeHeld, with four tracks from our friends.

Heart is an obvious title for the album because all four tracks have the word 'heart' in the title or lyrics.
Jane is showcased on track 1 with Be Still my Beating Heart.
It is credited 'Renshaw/BeHeld' and is very beautiful.
There are sensitivity and vulnerability demonstrated in the way Jane sings.
Her voice is heart-stoppingly engaging, and perfectly complimented by Micks fiddling.
Then there is a near-seamless segué into track 2, It Must be True.
Here you hear Davids own poetic lyrics, harmonised by Jane.
Listen carefully: " ... it must exist; that's what her heart had told her."
You can feel Mick embracing the sitar - an interesting sound that clearly belongs in this piece.
Oh, and David plays the baritone ukulele.
Track 3, Heart, is more up-tempo and energetic.
I think I hear Rogers mandolin on this track, but theres so much going on its difficult to discern precisely who is doing what, but I'm sure that David plays the baritone ukulele.
No matter, it all blends immaculately.
Then, finally, we arrive ... as if by extra-terrestrial transport ... at track 4.
Heart-Light is a complete and delightful surprise.
There are ethereal elements to this piece, worthy of a sci-fi film soundtrack.
Close your eyes, listen, relax, slow your heart-rate and breathing. Let your imagination soar through undiscovered celestial galaxies


  and that unresolved closing chord leaves you reaching out for infinity.
Now for the commercial ...
If it's not sold out you may still add this CD to your collection by following this link.
Addenda ...
Yes, I sought David's permission to write this review.
"Publish and be damned!" he responded.
Please understand that this post reflects only one person's opinions that do not necessarily represent the views of The City Folk Club as a whole.

The club has no pecuniary interest in any sales of this album.


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