Friday, November 29, 2013

Being Friday the 22nd of November, 2013 ...

Dogsbody arrived to discover a flood in the kitchen ...

Berry engaged plumbing-brain.
"Leave it on! " he advised.
(Berry has experience of such things.)
"As the pipes expand with the heat, it'll seal itself."
... Berry was right.

Then he occupied the MC's chair declaring, "I'm not really a proper person."
(Perhaps the concepts of existence, life and humanity are popular delusions?)

Berry said something about fame.
Ken opined thus: "Notoriety doesn't count!
(Ken is the only person I know who uses this verb: 'to opine'!)

Mave got lost in London ... again!

"Can you direct me to The Strand?"
The Life-Guard was unhelpful.

Then, heaven-protected ... she went home to mother in her undies!

Pam accompanied Les by playing a device that didn't look anything like this ...

"If I do a train song, will you blow one
for me?" Ken asked.

We were treated to two crossings of the wide Missouri ...

The instrumental version was by far the best!

Question ...
Who, what or where is Shenandoah?
  • A river tributary?
  • A place/town/village/third-rate hostelry?
  • A native American chieftain who has a lovely daughter?
  • None of the above?
(Such is the obscurity of traditional song.)

Lucy changed the subject ...
"What do you do with left-over wine?" she asked ...

She can find advice here ... making wine vinegar


Important announcement ...

There will be a seasonal celebration on
Friday, 20th December.

Details will be circulated shortly.

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