Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being Friday the 14th of March, 2014 ...

Someone should have advised Mike H. not to put his instrument in the dishwasher ...

"Actually, it's a guitulele," said Mike.

It was a balmy evening in comparison with the recent weather.
High pressure prevailed.

I mean, of course, that Angela was in charge!

Angela began by entertaining us with an anecdote about a little boy in a shed.
Many understood not.

"Is this a folk club?" someone asked.

There followed an amusing explanation, accompanied by much frivolous banter.

"Stop that, now, boys!" cried our MC.

Then we got on with the folk-musical business of the day ..
  • Loss of life was minimal.
  • There were no severed limbs.
  • Female virtue was preserved.
"Is this really a folk music club?" another someone asked!

"Settle down, now!" commanded our MC.
"This is a family show!"

In anticipation of an important Saint's day, some of the musical offerings had an Irish flavour ...

Get you gone, you snakes!

Mike and Yvonne sang about this purveyor of sea-food ...

Sadly, the lady on the right died of a fever.

Connor took us to Ireland's Atlantic shore ...

This is Achill Head, the most westerly point of co.Mayo.
Look carefully at the horizon ... you might observe the Statue of Liberty
... when the mist clears!
Saw summer sunsets ... asked for more.

By contrast, Mick delightfully and instrumentally transported us to Cornwall ...

'Carrick Roads' is a new composition from Mick. Well done, Mick. It was charming.

Molly took us on a train journey from track 29 of Pennsylvania Station to a city in Tennessee ...

Melissa engaged us with a very creditable debut-performance of a song about precious-metal somnolence ...

... smiles awake when you rise.

A badge was awarded!

Somebody remembered this Socialist grandee ...

I like a man who can smoke a pipe.

Paul experienced only a little difficulty in recalling the lyrics of a song that he and Angela are preparing for a forthcoming gig at a care-home for sufferers of Alzheimer's disease ...

"Does 6 O'clock in the morning exist?"
enquired Paul.

Did you know that slip-jigs are in 9/8 tempo?
Such is the quality of intelligence that we share at The City Folk Club.

We are assured of occupancy of the Guide Hall on Fridays throughout the rest of March and April, (including Good Friday, 18th,) so please keep coming along to share and enjoy music in our good company.

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