Monday, April 28, 2014

Beresford Greene Speaks, 22nd fit ...

Look, I know you [Colin] like trains and respect the builders' skills, so why not publish our Sussex pride?
Here are a some nice photos of Balcombe Ouze Valley viaduct ...

Somewhere I have figures for how many bricks, man-years it all was in the making.

Let me see ...
  • 11 million Dutch bricks.
  • 96 ft high.
  • 1475 ft long.
  • Grade 2 listed building.
  • Designers John Urpeth Rastrick & David Mocatta.
  • £38500 to build.
  • Built 1841.... opened in 1842 .... still carries over 100 trains / day.........fantastic achievement..... beautiful!

Surely worth a visit, if not a whole day out!

Can I just say on the BLOG a heartfelt thank you to all those lovely people that turned out last night [25th inst.] to help make it such a nice evening of lovely music and dancing.
Oh you didn't dance?
No-one asked! 
Perhaps next time -eh! :-) 


The City Folk Club said...

That's a lot of bricks.
Quite remarkable, Berry.
Have you counted them all?
Is that height recorded from mean sea-level?
Thanks for the contribution.

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Matter of fact I did do a probability guesstimate on the bricks and it came up wanting. In discussion with those who know I was advised that many of the bricks were in fact broken and several deliveries were not of sufficient quality. Although adjustments to the sums paid were made, the useless bricks were used in the foundations and became a part of the structure. Taking this into account renders a new perspective. In fact there is just a single brick discrepancy. Yes and I think I know why and where that is. A man called Pauline inscribed a brick in 1944 with his German surname and this was removed on account of hostilities but never actually replaced. This is the reason I never ever travel on that section of the line. It's just not safe!