Friday, April 25, 2014

To criticise the past and make the future better …

Did you see on BBC 2 Ian Hislop’s Olden Days, (3/3) on 23rd April?
You can probably still find it on I-Player.

There are bits about folk song and music
... and dancing!

Ian Hislop begins by questioning the authenticity of some of the idealised art of the nineteenth century.

"The Country Inn" by Myles Birket Foster.

  • He interviews Vic Gammon about the folk song revival.
  • Vic gives guarded credit to Cecil Sharp ...

What a strange way to ride a bicycle!

  • Did the Victorian engagement with folk music fuel ‘aggressive nationalism’ that contributed to WW1?

  • Then there was Morris dancing ... 

  • Were those battle-weary, shell-shocked soldiers really helped in their rehabilitation by attending Daisy Dakin‘s classes?
(It is so writ: it must be true!)

Hislop is somewhat cynical about the myth that describes ‘Merrie England’.
  • There is similar ambivalence from another circumspect academic, (The Imagined Village, Boyes, G., Manchester, 1993)
  • Briefly and sympathetically, he considers the life and literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien ...

Mordor … “Birmingham by any other name!”

He visits Ambridge in fictional Borstetshire, rural home of The Archers.

  • Ned Larkin bemoans the invention of the traction engine.
  • Hens are given spectacles!

Then there’s a  bit about railways!

Monsal Dale viaduct in Derbyshire.

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London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Well Colin Ian Hislop is known for taking the rise -- so I'll just say how wonderful to my eye is the painting "The Country Inn" by Myles Birket Foster. Of course Ian, though very witty, is nevertheless predominately of a predatory ilk. He feeds off everything and so now it's Folk music. The viaduct is nice but not, surely, anywhere near our very own version at Balcombe. How do I attach photo of same?