Saturday, May 24, 2014

For Molly: some research ...

Well, I never …

Almost 40 years ago, while working on the other side of the world, I became friends with an antipodean.
His name was Andy Gough.
We sang and played together.
We even got paid once!
(Andy is probably very famous now.)
He shared with me a song entitled Handsome Molly.
Andy had no idea where it came from, so we dubbed it ‘trad.’.

After some decades of the song residing in the deepest recesses of my tiny brain, I trotted it out in our little club.
I still had no idea of its origins.
Encouraged by Angela to research it, I understand that it was composed by a near-blind individual named Gilliam Banmon Grayson (1887 - 1930.) ...

He was an American old-time fiddler and singer.

Now I discover that it has been recorded by Mick Jagger on his 1993 album Wandering Spirit

Who would ever have thought that Dogsbody would share repertoire with a Rolling Stone?

(Actually, Jagger pinched it from me!)

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