Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Forthcoming Event ...

Here is news from the North ... (well, Billingshurst, actually.)

Below is a message that I recently received from Stuart of the Evershed Arts Folk Club.

We know those wonderful people: Stuart, Jan and Jane.
Several of us have visited, (even featured at!) Evershed over the past couple of years.
Stuart writes thus ...

Hello everybody,

Saturday [5th July] sees our final Evershed Arts Folk Club for possibly a few months.

As you know, the Chapel has been successful in getting an English Heritage grant which will mean some substantial works to the fabric of the building, including a new roof, restored woodwork and effective drainage.

We are hoping to use the opportunity of the break to also install some more effective heating and decorate the space. It will be at least December before the work is complete, and we may just hold off until early spring before relaunching ourselves again.

The grant offer was made to a significant degree on the strength of community use of the Chapel and so we thank you all again for your support over the last couple of years.

On Saturday there is no guest-spot at the folk club, so there should be plenty of time for floor-singers. Jane is organising cream teas at half-time, so please come along, sing, play, listen and socialise for what will be our last time together for a while.

Best wishes,
Stuart, Jan and Jane.

Hm mm ... cream teas, eh?
Shall we all go?

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