Thursday, July 31, 2014

What shall we do while the City Folk Club is on enforced holiday?

Here are a couple of suggestions.

This evening you could tune in to Chichester Hospital Radio.
From 6.00 to 7.00pm Ken hosts an entertaining broadcast, Folk for All.
That's at AM1431 on your old-fashioned listening device, or you'll get better reception by listening on-line. Just follow the above link.

That other folk club, Chichester Folk Song Club, is operating throughout the summer every Tuesday evening.
Next week, (5th August,) Mick Ryan and Paul Downes are special guests ...

Believe me, they are particularly GOOD!
You can read about them by clicking here
I suggest you get there early; doors open 7.45pm.

Then, next Thursday, (7th August,) our own Miss Lucy-Belle will be performing as Ken's guest on the Folk for All programme on Chichester Hospital Radio.
Lucy has promised to learn some 'proper' folk songs!

If none of this attracts you you can stay at home and just sing it yourself!

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