Friday, September 19, 2014

Being Friday the 12th of September, 2014 ...

So, what's been happening regarding the refurbishment over the past week?

Oh dear ...

However, the bladder-evacuating facility in the adjoining cubicle operates satisfactorily and now has a door ...

and it flushes fairly quietly.

Being small in number, that was fine; there was no need to queue.
(Why is it so difficult to find a good plumber these days?)

Paul took the chair in some anxiety.
MCs will know that facilitating for a small assembly can be more pressurising than for a full house.

Paul began by imagining ice-cream castles ...

That's a towering cumulus.
Will it rain? Will it snow?

Did you know that the generic term for the common blackbird is turdus merula?

"Whose stupid idea for a name was that?!"
sweetly sings the male.

Mave took us on an intimate voyage on this type of stately vessel ...

... she may be your bosom friend.

We pondered the outcome of a forthcoming referendum.
(See previous post.)

We finished off in hopes for one more day, me Johnny ...

Oh, rock and row me over ...

So, what will next week bring?

  • Will our kingdom remain united?
  • Will the value of the pound-sterling recover?
  • Will there be a catastrophic storm?
  • Will the toilets be finished?

Come along.
Briefly discuss all the above.
Most importantly, sing, play, listen and enjoy great music in friendly company.

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