Thursday, October 9, 2014

What has happened to this blog?

Many apologies to all our readers for an interlude in news.
The administrator has been preoccupied by family/domestic considerations, and attending a Folk Festival in sunny Bognor.

The South Downs Folk Festival was particularly good.
You might recognise some of these participants of Bellacapella ...

Yes, Elayne, Suzanne, Andy, Patrick and Sue were there.

Yes, the club did meet on Friday, 26th September, and last week, 3rd October.

I have to thank Lynda for acting as key-holder on 26/09, and Berry for taking control of proceedings for that evening ... as well as those few who turned up to make music. A smallish quorum was present and, according to reports, performed 25 songs.

I wish I'd been there to hear Lynda's unaccompanied rendition of this ...

Lynda assures me that you all had a good time.
Thank you, all.

We met again on Friday, 3rd October.
That was a good evening.
We fondly remembered our very good friend who recently passed away ...

We now have use of two toilets, both with doors and electric lighting ...

The lights have a motion-sensor!

We engaged déjà vu ...

... and who are these people?

We ended Going Down Fighting...

Twenty-five years ago you could have booked this band for just £100.00.
Now they come along for FREE!
(Well, OK, just £2.00 in the pot.)

Be assured ...
The City Folk Club will congregate tomorrow, 10th October, and every Friday throughout October.

Normal blog-service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Let's finish with a song that Ray used to enjoy singing ...

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