Saturday, November 22, 2014

Will there be a Christmas Party?

Someone asked this question way back in September.
YES is the answer.
We have plans for Friday 19th December.

First, however, we must consider dress-code.
Here is your anticipatory homework.
Study the following ...

You are invited to attend on condition that you wear at least one accessory or piece of apparel that demonstrates your Elvish name.

(If you were born in June and your first name is Edward, you might be in serious trouble.)
You work that out!

Further instructions will follow.

Best wishes from Glitzy Pointy-Ears!

1 comment:

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Glitter Balls! I've got some other balls in mind and maybe it's Ed Balls.

Hey let me be even more controversial and ask you for feedback on what you think of ED. Not his politics, I mean Ed the man. Do you notice the same things as me?

Did you see below that before I can comment I need to prove that I'm not a robot. That's going to be very hard because I are one! I have repetitive needs you know. Once was never enough for me.

You need to be circumspect about the things you say. Only yesterday a member of the opposition front bench was forced to resign for an unguarded comment she made on Twitter.

Of course our use of all things cyber is not so much a measure of our robotic tendencies as our general maturity. If the cap fits I suppose I'd better wear it eh?

You Were Wonderful Tonight people. That would make a good title for a song don't you think? Oh there are one -eh!