Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Being Friday the 30th day of January, 2015 ...

Kindly forgive the blog administrator for choosing only two of several highlights from the evening ...

1.) Mick bravely fiddled his way through this classical piece ...

Bravo! Mick, unfortunately Sarah Chang is much prettier than you.
"Was that Intermezzo from Cavallieria Rusticana?" asked Dogsbody.
"No!" Mick replied, "Why don't you do your homework?"

2.) Lynda offered this delightful song ...

"Is that a death?" we pondered.

Item for consideration ...

Being few in number, there was time to discuss the possibility of occasionally adopting an alternative format for our meetings ...

It has been suggested that we might offer to 'spotlight' certain performers: maybe 15 minutes, or three or four songs/tunes.

One participant accurately observed that we already do that because collaborations regularly perform consecutively.
Indeed, to date, has been the nature of our beast.

There was disquiet in other quarters in anticipation of the 'why-not- me' syndrome.
Then there was, "Who decides ...  how and why?"

If you have views on this proposition, (or if you'd like prolonged exposure,) please feel free to comment on this post, or email

Just remember this: nobody gets paid!

Your opinions are important!

Update, 9th February ...
One participant said something like, "Why bother?"
Two emails conveyed a resounding 'NO'.

We parted amicably, in some holiness, humming, (very quietly!) this melody ...

Words by Sarah Doudney, 1871
Tune: Ira D Sankey, 1884
Pub: Sir John Stainer, 1840-1901

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