Friday, March 27, 2015

City Folk Club invades The Willows ...

On Wednesday several of us visited The Famous Willows Folk Club in Arundel ...

Chris welcomed us all warmly ...

"Hello, what's your name?"

As invited in earlier CFC dispatches, we were there to enjoy a 'showcase' of Angela, Paul and friends.

Dogsbody tried to take some real-time photographs, but his cheap mobile phone was not cooperating.
Here's an image I borrowed from the Willows website ...

From the floor large Graham and perfectly-formed Jo performed a couple of charming songs.

Mick was competently and delightfully instrumental.
Stuart took a break from chapel decorating and came all the way from Billingshurst.
Dogsbody's only contribution to the floor was to simply kick over his beer.

Then the spotlight ...
Paul (guitar and vocals) and Angela (ukulele, vocals and percussive feet) gave a very professional presentation of songs that we always enjoy hearing again, and joining in unobtrusively.
Friends: Roger (guitar, mandolin and vocals) and Lucy (bass and vocals) were included.
Chris on mandolin was featured.
Roll on Kentucky Moon and Kiss me Mother, (I am Weary, Let me Rest,) were absolute knockouts.
Cue for roof-raising applause!

An interval ... Dogsbody apologised for his earlier incontinence, helped mop up under his seat ... then purchased another beer.

The second showcase consisted of CJL.
'J' is Chris Janman; we are pleased to see him fairly often at The City Folk Club.
'L' is Ian Llewellyn on double bass and pork-pie hat; he came along to us once.
'C' is Peter Clifton; I've not met him before.
Here's another image I pinched ...

Dogsbody stayed for a couple of numbers which were very pleasing, but regrettably had to leave early in order to get his bicycle on the last train home.

On arrival at Arundel Station he hears the following announcement:

  • "Southern Railway regrets to announce that the scheduled 10.52 train to Portsmouth has been delayed by fourteen hours and twenty-five minutes due to the late arrival of an earlier train.
  • "Southern Railway apologises for any inconvenience this may cause to your journey.
  • "Please listen for further announcements."

Dogsbody thinks, "Hmm ... was that really 14 hours and so-many minutes?"
(One seriously wonders how they can be so precise, particularly about those minutes ... and how many seconds, please?)
A potential fellow-passenger volubly demonstrates his alarm to non-existent station staff, before departing.
Dogsbody hears unrepeatable Anglo-Saxon expletives from the footbridge.

Here's an image from the down-platform of Arundel Station at 23.00 hours ...

Look carefully, now ...
You can just discern the headlight of
an oncoming train.

Dogsbody frantically jumps up and down, waving his arms furiously.
A freight train trundles by ... oh-so-slowly!

Some fourteen minutes, (yes, thankfully, 14 minutes,) later a passenger train draws into the platform.

  • Dogsbody boards.
  • "Tickets, please," says a a weary-looking conductor.
  • Dogsbody shows his return-ticket.
  • "That won't do," exclaims the conductor, "That's for yesterday!"
  • "Yes, it was when I bought it."
  • A non-physical confrontation follows.

Dogsbody takes a seat and hums this well-known S & G song ...
(OK, skip those annoying adverts.)

So ... was his love waiting silently for [him]?
Well, yes ... Jane had locked the door!

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