Thursday, April 23, 2015

Celebrating Saint George ...

23rd April, being the feast day of England's patron saint, as well as that of many other countries/organisations ... not to mention defender of fair maidens threatened by fiery dragons ... here's Tricky Dicky's socio-political view ...

Kindly understand that Mr Thompson's opinions might be at variance with those of The City Folk Club's participants.

Great song though, and inspired juxtaposition of images of political leaders with three wise monkeys.

Lyrics can be found by clicking here.
In 4/4 time; for the body of the song, the chords appear to be these:
D A G D Eminor (x3 bars) A,
Careful now: there is an obscure introductory riff that begins with Em and includes Bm.

So work on that, Roger!

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