Monday, June 8, 2015

Being Friday the 5th day of June, 2015 ...

Being also the sixth anniversary of our weekly tenancy of the Guide Hall ... Thank you, Ken, for that historical intelligence.

Dogsbody occupied the throne of humility.

Somebody asked, "Why don't we see images of Colin on this blog?"
Well, he is an 'umble being, not readily given to self -aggrandisement.
Here is an image of a glorious field of lavender; you might discern an embarrassed figure ...

... sowing the seeds of love!

Combine the following two images, and you will discover what Ken performed ...

... 't were the best that money could buy.

My name is Wallace.

Enlightenment* will be provided at the end of this post.

We observed that Pam moved her lips as Les sang of carbohydrates and protein ...

Now, who drinks RED wine with fish?

Mike P. took the opportunity for a commercial interlude.
He has for sale an electric guitar; "A Yamaha Pacifica," he said.
It might look a little like this ...

Mike didn't say what colour.
Nor did he specify a price.

Should you be interested, kindly email and I will pass your message on to Mike.
By the way, Mike also has a boat for sale.

A rumour was generated that Berry transports a diminutive metamorphosis  of Brenda and her keyboard in this compact box ...

"No!" declared Berry.
"It is all my own, personal suffering."
Was there sympathy?
Yes, for Brenda!

Lynda sang of these birds ...

That led us into discussion of the Irish significance of 'Wild Geese'.
This metaphor historically refers to 30,000 Irish soldiers who left Ireland for France in 1691 after the treaty of Limerick.
Susequently, England tore up said treaty.
The Irish exiles were dispossessed of their land. 
Irish Catholics were stripped of citizenship.
Oh, history is such a dreadful thing!
It's not fiction, as we might sometimes speculate ... it's real people doing really bad things to real people!
Further unreliable clarification may be found here.

All that had nothing to do with Lynda's very charming song!

Phil could have sent us off to observe the night sky...

... how you suffered for your sanity ...

Ken, however, insisted on singing about a distilled Russian spirit, large pectoral appendages, bondage and death ...

Oooh, Natasha!

*So, what is the pointless answer?

Of course:  No wrecks, and nobody drownded 
... 'n fact nothing to laugh at, at all!

It is indeed true that Stanley Holloway died in 1982 in a nursing home in Littlehampton.
He lies buried at St. Mary's Church in East Preston ...


Further to Mike's commercial interlude, he has submitted the following images of a package for sale:

Light natural wood with a black scratchguard, code PAC112MX

Roland Micro-cube amp (great bit of kit)

Zoom programmable effects pedal

£150 the lot = bargain (c£350 new!) All as new!

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