Sunday, July 5, 2015

Being Friday the third day of July, 2015 ...

In sweltering conditions we occupied the Guide Hall once more with Dogsbody as facilitator.

Twice he ventured around a stormy peninsula ...

55.9800° S, 67.2892° W.
... but, my darling, when I think of thee!

Paul and Angela performed an uplifting song ...

I saw the light ... oh, glory!

Phil exhorted us to 'hold on' ...

Lynda's offering invited the question, "How many songs are there with blackbird in the title?"

... spread your wings.

Angela assured us that there never was a mining disaster in West Virginia, but she sang a lament for the casualties thereof ...

Elayne's rendition of Polly Oliver reminded us of school days, but my school would never have entertained cross-dressing!

She dressed herself up in her dead brother's clothes!
For music/lyrics see

For some obscure reason this was followed by conversation about a dog and a clarinet ...

Enlightenment required!

Did you know that you can play this anthem on the guitar?

Well ... Phil can!

We were pleased to welcome Alison, new to our gathering.
Although she was reluctant to perform herself, we observed that her lips were moving for the joining-inny things.
If that happens again, she will certainly qualify for a badge ...

Be encouraged, Alison.
We hope you'll come again.

Then Elayne and Angela sent us home via the Queen's garden ...

Now for an informative aside ...
Colin has lost his mobile phone, so if you want to make contact with CFC, please use this land-line: 01243 574021.
Berry's response, (q.v. below in comments,) was most helpful.

Then, being 6th July, 2015, look what I found ...

  • "Where did you find it?"
  • "In the rosemary bush ... it must have fallen out of my pocket while I was watering it."
  • "Does it still work?"
  • "Yes, but Rosemary has used all my credit!"

So, mobile number 07798 517523 still receives, but that might change when my new phone arrives.

1 comment:

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Re: Colin's lost phone.

Making contact with Colin has always been the difficulty. The loss of his phone therefore, will make little difference. You just can't help some people. I normally charge for my consultations but this to you is entirely gratis and for nothing.

Mobile phones, on balance, annoy people. They say "Hey look at and listen to me. What a device I have here. I'll bet you wish you could afford one. I am so important to the ongoing success of the world that I must be available to the world 24/7 at any expense whatsoever."

If others had such a facility, then they too could fiddle about with it all Bee-dy day instead of feeding the starving poor. Tough world for millions who would rather have a mobile phone than they would eat!

My solution is to be entirely unreachable. No-one must have the tiniest chance to speak with, or at me. I am, in GPO parlance, "unobtainable" . I can see little reason for a telephone being able to ride rough-shod over all my social intercourses. "Ooh sorry; I will have to take this call" {Meaning}, "this is far more important that you are so you can bog off now or whenever it suits me to speak with someone better!"

Rude 'orrible and expensive. That's yer phone of all descriptions let alone mobile. How lucky you are to be rid of such a rude, arrogant, commanding, device.

No I am not giving it back to you. You're a far better person without it!

P.S. "Silent ringer." What's the point of that then? What about a visible wringer?
Have you called yourself? Texted yourself? There's nothing quite like talking to oneself!

My first obvious thought is this: Who have you most annoyed with the use of your mobile phone? Perhaps they have misappropriated it.

My second is this: If your phone were truly mobile, it would surely find its own way home!

My third thought is that your phone has been stolen. Have you thought of offering a reward for its return?
I was thinking £25 plus my expenses!

My fourth thought is do you really need a mobile phone? You could consider sponging in any emergency. "I say old chap, I don't suppose I could borrow your phone for a moment; mine has been stolen." - You don't need to say when it happened.

I do hope you find these suggestions worthwhile. I would hate you to think I don't care, even though I don't.