Saturday, October 17, 2015

Being Friday the 16th of October, 2015 ...

  • There are those who sing delightfully.
  • There are those who play instruments with great dexterity.
  • There are those who do both of the above simultaneously.
  • There is Dogsbody who stumbles over the fret-board.
  • There is Ken who likes to use lots of words, while Mave raises her eyebrows towards the ceiling in abject wonderment.
  • There are collaborations.
  • There are several who join in.
  • Pam blows the most authentic train whistle you've ever heard!
  • Some say 'Pass', and that's OK.
  • We missed you, Berry, but I think you are MC next week?
[Blog administrator's sincere apology to all those many participants not mentioned nor subliminally identified in above.]

There is, however, only one who bakes brown things to share ...

Those crunchy bits at the edge were the very best.
The secret is maple syrup and sea-salt.

Thank you, Maggie ... again!

Oh, I almost forgot, this is a folk music club ...
Yes, we had the customary maritime disasters, one couple sitting on a train, a death or two and one suicide.
No limbs were severed although Angela came face to face with this beastie ...

There was a smattering of holiness and one reference to a sexually-enhancing medication.
We engaged synchronised hair-tearing and rending of clothes, as befits a folk song.

We are so very fortunate that there exists in our company one who has the precious gift of being able to distill the essence of a heavily-orchestrated, contemporary song, and present the lyrics, unaccompanied, with supreme tenderness and charm ...

No, Michael Lee Aday wasn't there ... but Elayne was!

And there was something about a jolly arachnoid beastie ...

We departed in near-silence pondering Andrew's closing, self-penned offering about a place where the sun don't shine ...

Notwithstanding, all ended very happily.

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