Monday, September 5, 2016

About the Picnic ...

Yesterday, 4th September, some stalwart CFC souls attended a family picnic held by The Friends of the Old Bosham Meadow in Bosham.
Here's some of the company ...

OK, you might think that some are sleeping.
In reality, no!
They are imbibing wonderful music
through the pores of their very souls.

The weather was fair, albeit with an unpredictable breeze.
Here's Laura and Colin of The Airborne Music Stand Duo ...

No, we weren't singing Blowing in the Wind!

Paul W was a welcome asset.
He suffered a small haemorrhage from his strumming hand while opening a bottle of questionable beverage.
After some first-aid, administered by Jane, he was still able to competently handle twelve strings ...

Use your teeth, next time, Paul!

And here's delightful Debbie ...

Elayne was charming, as usual ...

Then there was Frank, perhaps not a regular CFC participant, who provided a rousing conclusion to our music ...

Soon the morning Sun will rise ...

Marian came along to give loyal support ...

Thank you, Marian.

None of us knew quite what to expect.
PA amplification was a new venture for some us.
Actually, flying music-stands aside, it all went very well.
Picnickers, having consumed their sandwiches, were observed to sit quietly and listen attentively.
Applause was more than courteous ... indeed, occasionally ... enthusiastic!

I received much affirmative feedback, (no, I don't mean through the PA system,) and there was some significant interest in the whereabouts and doings of The City Folk Club.
One small boy commented, "The music is great. Will you come again?"
(Perhaps small boy should have known better!)
"Well ... err ... maybe, if invited, but not this year," was my response.

My personal thanks to you all for entering the great unknown alongside me.
I know that you all gave of your best.
I was proud of you all, and felt privileged to be in company of such wonderful people.

Many thanks, too, to Richard Spong, (FOBM sec.,) and his army of helpers who orchestrated the event and set up the infrastructure, and gave us such encouragement.



Debbie Brett said...

Was I not charming?

Colin said...

Debbie, sweetheart, you were DELIGHTFUL!
i have edited the post accordingly.