Friday, February 2, 2018


2017 was an occasionally troublesome, yet most enjoyable, year.

Our troubles began in January after somebody reversed a motor vehicle into the front wall of the Guide Hall ...

It didn't look too bad from the outside, but the builders condemned the hall as unsafe, although some temporary carpentry rendered it secure ...

I took several weeks for repairs to be completed whereby we were subjected to some uncertainty, surmountable inconvenience and a couple of cancellations at short notice.

By Easter things were getting back to normal and attendance improved throughout spring and the early summer.

Then we were advised that the Guides were having a new kitchen installed during August, whereby we would not be able to use their hall.

So, for August we became a 'rural' folk club, and were well accommodated at Chidham Village Hall ...

Interestingly, August proved a popular month with greater than average attendance, and sufficient subscriptions to cover the increased cost of our accommodation.

Some local dignitaries who graced us with their presence were impressed by the quality and variety of talent.

We returned to our usual home in September only to be envious of the kitchen facility ...

Somebody said, "I want to live here!"

Dogsbody hasn't a clue what happened in October because he was away for the entire month.
Many thanks to Angela and Paul for taking charge, and to all who came along in support; it appears that all went well.

November disappeared into a blur of preparations for Christmas.

Ah ... Christmas!

Our annual festive party was well attended and very enjoyable, with seasonal music, a well supported raffle in aid of Friends of Guiding, the usual surfeit of shared food, forgotten crockery ...

It's Sylvia's!

... beautiful table decorations, courtesy of Angela ...

... and we were graced by the occasional quartet ...

(No, Elayne is not using breathing apparatus!)

Then it was the end of another year ...

Phil's guitar rests beneath
a Christmas tree,

Want to know the figures?

Total attendances = 606
Average over 42 weeks = 14.43

Total performances = 1098 (excluding October)

Please understand that we decline to publish accounts in the public domain.
All you need to know is that we achieved our aim of making no profit whatsoever whilst enjoying music and fun in great company.
That's what we do!


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