Saturday, May 24, 2008

Being the 23rd of May 2008

Every now and again we have, what I would describe as, a classic evening...
This evening was fell squarely into that category...
A small, select group of performers gathered this night to sing and play the following songs:

Oh The Wind & Rain (David)
The Dutchman (Bill 2)
Bury My Body (Paul)
Banks of the Ohio (Lynda & Paul)
Even More Work In Progress (in open D) (Mick)
Empty Echos (Ray)
Galloways (Colin)
Billy The Kid (Roger)
When The Spring Has Come (David & Roger)
Willie O'Winsbury (David & Roger)
Whiskey On A Sunday (Bill 2)
I'm A Loser (Paul)
Freeborn Man (Lynda)
In The Mood (Mick)
The Rose of Allendale (Ray)
The Trees They Do Grow High (Colin)
Jinney (Roger)

Nice to see the return of Bill 2 this evening. We've missed him.
Thanks to Ray & Mary for putting their faces through the door. Your always welcome at the CFC you crazy kids...

On a sad note, I lost my favorite sunglasses...


wretched scrivener said...

This was an intimate evening. There were nine participants. There is nothing wrong with that. Regular friends are away and there’s a public holiday on the way; fair enough.

Musical offerings were well chosen for a quiet atmosphere. There were no barn-storming choruses; just, “Hey, I’d like to share this song/tune among friends.” All performances were sensitively conveyed, enjoyed, affirmed and appreciated.

‘Warm’ and ‘relaxed’ would be my adjectives regarding the ambience. Contributors made laudable efforts to share, rather than entertain. Nevertheless, we were entertained in one of our most enjoyable evenings.

David. Thank you.

wretched scrivener said...

David, I forgive YOUR American spelling of 'favoUrite', but I really must refer you to Ms. Truss. YOU ARE (you're) in danger of a visit from the apostrophe police.