Saturday, June 7, 2008

Being the 6th of June 2008...

Yet another successful evening of chums huddled together, singing to keep their spirits up...

Here's the set list:

Black Rabbit of Scar House/The Fallen Moon (David)
Flying High (Mike)
Molly Malone (Eddie)
Unsure Love (Maggie)
I Live Not Where I Love (Colin)
The Wife Of Usher's Well (David)
Please Don't Call Me Louise (Mike)
Waltzing Matilda (Eddie)
Learning The Game (Paul)
Let It Be (Lynda & Paul)
La Vie En Rose (Gigi)
That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Lucy)
Lilac Wine (Maggie)
One Night As I Lay On My Bed (Colin)
All Tomorrows Parties (David)
Just A Simple Love Song (Mike)
The 40 Shades Of Green (Eddie)
A Little Bitty Tear (Paul)
And I Love Her/Him (Lynda & Paul)
Fields Of Gold (Anita/Gigi/Lucy)
Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Gigi)
I Will (Lucy)
It Ain't Necessarily So (Maggie)
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (Colin)
The Drowned Lovers (David)
Whiskery Bob (Mike)
The Night Is Young (Eddie)
Things We Used To Do (Paul)

Some aspects of the evening that filled me with joy:
Seeing Lucy return to the fold
Eddie finding his wedding ring (it was down the side of the sofa at home)
Lynda's "some sort of tango" ring tone
Having to explain the phrase "looking for the golden rivet"

So, back to the shelter till next week...

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Anonymous said...

Hi David, it is La Vie En Rose and NOT, I repeat not La Via Rosa. What am I to do with you. Love, Gigi.