Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being the 18th of July 2008

Awoken from your slumbers by a rude and hairy skymatelot grunting and gesticulating wildly, you pull on your Ruritainian Dirigible Captain's uniform and helmet to investigate the hullabaloo on the bridge...
A glance around the dial covered cockpit confirms your worst fears, the airship is going down...
Pausing momentarily to step aside as the first mate, his body alight, jumps screaming through the window to certain death many hundreds of feet below...
Stiffening your upper lip you brace yourself against the binnacle, make peace with your strange gods and await impact...
It is early evening when you regain consciousness. Your helmet, once burnished to a gleam, lies smoke-blackened and dented at your side, several spokes of your wheelchair are bent and and one of the buttons is missing from your jacket... Still, things could be worse... You could have missed this evening's City Folk Club...

So, put a bob in the jukebox and dig these crazy tunes:

The Story In Your Eyes: David
Pull Down Lads: Sylvia/Max
Davey Lowston: Max/Sylvia
Jimmy Brown: Paul
Sheep Crook & Black Dog: Anne
Why Did You Leave The One You Left Me For?: Maggie
Sweet & Innocent: Berry
That's Amore: Gigi
The Butcher's Boy: Linda
Cry Me A River: George
Love Is The Sweetest Thing: Mave
Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues: Ken/Berry
Reynardine: Colin
Labamba: Ensemble
Willie O'Winsberry: David
Mary & The Gallant Soldier: Syliva
Blackwaterside: Max
Walk Right Back: Paul
The Cock: Anne
April In Portugal: Maggie
Ain't No Sunshine: Linda
Time In A Bottle: Gigi
Let The Rest Of The World Go By: George
Twice Daily: Mike
The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery: Mave
Down In The Basement: Ken
Row On: Colin
(+ Several examples of the Devil's music played by the ensemble...)

Till we meet again...

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wretched scrivener said...

The '?' was Reynardine. Was it so bad as to be unmemorable?! Another thing, among several, who is Sylive? (That reminds me of a song!) Shall I continue with this critique?