Monday, July 7, 2008

Being the 4th of July 2008

With one bound you are free...
Now all that remains is to save the girl, kill the mad professor intent on world domination and escape to safety...
You run pell-mell down an abandoned corridor towards a door where you perceive a flicker of light from the key hole...
Grasping the verdigris covered handle, you wrench it with all your might...
It comes off in your hand...
"Oh sod this" you say "I'm off up the City Folk Club"...

And what delighted us this evening...?
Well, these:

You Made Me Love You: Berry
Freeborn Man: Maggie
Indian Lass: Ken
The Deserter: David
Down By The Dockyard Wall: Eddie
Maybe Tomorrow: Bill 2
The Good Old Summertime: Mave
The Green Green Grass Of Home: Brenda/Berry
The False Bride: Linda
Three Score And Ten: Colin
His Eye Is On The Sparrow: Paul
Something In Red: Sandy
Dancing With You: Sandy/Geoff
Don't Let It Bring You Down: Anita
Lilly Marlane: Mave
Hey Jude: Linda/Paul
Autumn Leaves: Hildi
A Woman Is A Sometime Time Thing: Maggie
Sea Cruise: Ken/Berry
Grey Funnel Line: Eddie
It Was Pleasant And Delightful: Colin
Love Potion Number 9: Bill 2
Dr Jazz: Paul
Little Ball Of Yarn: Sandy/Geoff
Leaving On A Jet Plane: Sandy/Geoff
The Lady Is A Tramp: Gigi

And so we gird our loins for the next meeting or, as it will later be know,
"The Great Chichester Canal Disaster..."

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wretched scrivener said...

Promotion! Many thanks, David, and I am so pleased you included the adjective 'honorary' in my elevated title. Otherwise people might think I'm paying myself out of club funds. I simply expect widespread forelock-tugging in future!