Saturday, June 28, 2008

Being the 27th of June 2008

In the embers of a dying Friday you drag yourself upright in your fetid ditch near the gloomy asbestos works...
Wrap your careworn emaciated frame in noisome rags...
Then, with an energy borne of compulsion, begin to lope, knuckles scraping the coarse earth, toward a dim light flickering in a dark and forbidding building...
Reaching the building, whose stench is bettered only by that of your own besmirched corporeality, you fling the door open wide...
Welcome to another evening at the City Folk Club...!

Here's the evening's soundtrack:

The Bottom of the Bottle (David)
The Hand Weaver & the Factory Maid (Colin)
By the Green Grove (Mave)
Sweet Dreams of You (Paul/Bill 1)
Rag Picking (Mick)
Sunny Afternoon (Berry)
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Brenda/Berry)
Listening To Old Songs (Ray)
Edward (Bill 1)
The Bergen (Colin/Ken)
Under Oxford Street (Roger)
Matty Groves (David/Bill 1)
We Dreamed Our Dreams (Colin)
Harbour Lights (Ken/Berry)
Now I Have to Call Him Father (Mave)
La Vie En Rose (Gigi)
Autumn Leaves (Paul/Roger)
Teddy Bear's Picnic (Berry)
All Gone Away (Ray)
Pop Goes The Weasel/Off She Goes (Bill 1)
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor (Roger)

This weeks highlights...?
The return of Bill 1 & Jenny who have been to long away...
Paul and Roger's stunning version of Autumn Leaves...
Which no body should have been able to follow...
Step into the breach..
Berry! Keyboard tinkling Teddy Bear's Picnic...

Truly cursed are those who were not there...

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