Sunday, August 17, 2008

Being the 15th of August 2008

If, like me, you are continually accosted by slumped mendicants in public thoroughfares and asked ...
"I'm thinking of visiting the City Folk Club."
"What should I bring with me...?"
By consulting the following handy list you may now answer the enquiry with confidence...
So here are the ten essential items that any potential visitor, wishing to fully participate in an evening at the City Folk Club, should bring with them:

01) An Articulated Boot Choker
02) A Deafening Extrasensory Funnel
03) Some Granulated Horse Ink
04) A Jiggery-pokery Kettle
05) A Lapwing Mallet
06) A Notched Offal Pump
07) A Questionable Revolving Snorkel
08) A Triangular Undergrowth Ventilator
09) A Wretched X-Ray Yogurt Zapper
And finally...
10) £1.50

Bang a gong and get it on...

Be My Baby: David
Your Mother and I: Paul
The Weary Cutters: Colin
Gartan Mothers Lullaby: Jane/Colin
To Know Him is to Love Him: Jane/Dave
Love For Sale: Maggie
Where Have All the Flowers Gone: Les
The Windmills of Your Mind: George
Handbags and Gladrags: Mick
Corrina Corrina: Max
What Shall I Write: Phine
Morningtown Ride: Opal
Fields of Gold: Jane
Late October: David
All Sportsmen Arouse: Colin
Angel Band: Jane/Dave
When I was a Young Girl: Maggie
Yesterday: Les
Can't Help Loving That Man Of Mine: George
Shuffle Rag: Mick
Let's Keep it That Way: Phine
You've Got A Friend: Opal
She Moved Through The Fair: Jane
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain: Les
Diddy Wha Diddy: Paul
Blues in E: Jane/ensemble
Cry Me A River: George
Cincinnati Flo Rag: Mick
Tolpuddle Man: Jane

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