Saturday, August 9, 2008

Being the 8th of August 2008...

Oh! 8 Oh! 8 Oh! 8...

Dr. Sebag Mayberry-Quinn, natural philosopher, was a driven man...
How long had he been here alone in his laboratory...?
Allowing no natural light to penetrate his fevered labouring the interminable progression of night and day had long since ceased to influence his world. He no longer had cognisance of either...
He was close now, he was so very close...
Dr. Sebag Mayberry-Quinn took stock of his eldritch industry, the product of many years of work stood before him. Half a beaker of green fluid...

Screwing his courage to the sticking place, Dr. Sebag Mayberry-Quinn lifted the draught to his lips and supped deeply then waited, waited and waited...
Five minutes elapsed, nothing... nothing at all...
Dashing the beaker to the ground he swore vigourously then, like a far off messenger running toward him at great speed, he felt a rising sensation overtake his sensibilities. A vast, overwhelming tide of horror ripped through his every fibre and sinew, his mouth sprang open, let out an inhuman guttural bellowing roar and he collapsed to the floor writhing in agony...
Darkness fell suddenly on the mind of Dr. Sebag Mayberry-Quinn and he was still...

An hour later two red-rimmed eyes opened and took unblinking stock of their surroundings yet registered no recognition. The creature that emerged from the tattered remains of Dr. Sebag Mayberry-Quinn's clothing stood up, shook itself violently then stumbled toward the full-length mirror behind the door and stared and stared...
There was a moments uneasy stillness then pandemonium..!
The creature careened and whirled about the laboratory smashing equipment and furniture in a fit of incandescent rage...

The door to the lab opened tentatively and the head of Mrs. Hilda Ingham, the doctor's housekeeper, poked through and surveyed the scene of destruction with mouth gaping alarm....
"Wot on 'erf is a going on 'ere?" she cried.. She caught sight of the beast, now stood atop the bookcase.... "Good 'eavens! 'Ow on 'erf did you get in 'ere?" In one swift movement she was across the room and had the creature by the neck....
"There'll be 'ell to pay when the Doctor gets back an' no mistake." " Ow am I gonna explain a chicken getting loose an' a wrecking 'is room...?" "Still it be easier explained over a nice roast chicken I'll wager..."

Dr. Sebag Mayberry-Quinn, natural philosopher, swinging limply from his housekeeper's stout hand, knew then that he would miss tonight's City Folk Club....

Now dig this....

Here Comes My Baby: David/Paul
The Rights Of Man: Jerry
The Bonny Light Horseman: Jenny/Jerry
Just A Simple Love Song: Yvonne/Mike
Changing Of The Year: Mike
I Don't Know How To Love Him: George
The Maid Behind The Bar: Mick
After The Ball Was Over: Ray
The Swallow Song: Anne
Romeo and Juliet: Roger
A World Without Love: Brenda/Berry
I Wish I Was 18 Again: Berry
Sin City: Jane/Dave
Shortenin' Bread: Lynda's Mum
Angel Of The Morning: Lynda/Mick
Only The Lonely: Paul
Lullaby Of Birdland: Lucy
Under The Bridges Of Paris: Maggie
My Flower, My Companion And Me: Mave
Lola: David
Off To California: Jerry
The Shipyard Apprentice: Jenny/Jerry
Someone To Watch Over Me: George
Out Of The Blue: Mick
The Gypsy Rover: Ray
The Grey Cock: Anne
Waltzing's For Dreamers: Roger
I'll See You In My Dreams: Berry
Let's Go Fly A Kite: Jane/Dave
There But For Fortune: Lynda/Paul
Tickle Me: Paul
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart: Lucy/Roger

Why not come back for more stuffing next week...?

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wretched scrivener said...

So, in my absence, Anne sang 'The Grey Cock'. Did she maintain complete composure? Does she receive the as-yet indeterminate prize?