Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beresford Greene Speaks (third fit)....

We just have to admit it guys. Friday 19th Sept was a bit of a girls night. Yes it may hurt to admit their strengths but alas we must. Not for these ladies is a drudge life only of the washing, ironing, cooking & sewing Oh no! These girls sing as they go through the washing up too. The clanking of the dishes & the cutlery are a mere percussive prelude to what is to follow.

Their voices, attuned to the screeching of orders & nagging that normally sends fear through the hearts of strong men, are transformed into the sweetest sounding instruments of quality. Tiny, pretty, (& clean) fingers hover delicately over keys & strings. On Friday evenings at The Regnum Club all our differences are set aside as they go headlong into their measures. Those elevated tones cut through the musical accompaniment in a way that the men can never do. It is a veritable come-uppence for us to have to admit this arena suits them.

Then there is the choice of material. Where the men so often choose stuff that gives a clue to the depths of despair about what might have been, these wonderful creatures seem to be rejoicing & set to reminding us of all that can be so beautiful as they reminisce on past loves that have left for them, a lasting positive memory. This then raises the prospect of imaginary passion within the weak males. Is this guys, what we are missing just because we won't wash up!

But on Saturday morning they will have returned to normal as we settle down with a crate of beer to watch the big game on TV. Slap!

By the way, I may not be along for a week or two.


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Outa_Spaceman said...

God bless you Beresford Green (and all who sail in you...)

p.s. your absence will not excuse you from you obligation to share your wisdom with us mere mortals...