Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Being The 24th of October 2008....

A cardigan was originally a long-sleeved military jacket of knitted worsted , trimmed with fur or braid and buttoned down the front. They were worn by British Army officers during the Crimean War , and were named after James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of The Light Brigade. During the 20th century the style was adapted for sportswear, losing the collar, and became a popular item for home knitter.

You now know more about cardigans than you did prior to reading this posting...
Now, what did we get up to...?

Roslin Castle/The Hen's Larks Through The Midden/The Four Poster Bed: Bill 1:1
Moreton Bay: Colin
The Great Pretender: David
She Was Poor But She Was Honest: Joyce
Fever: Maggie
Mountains of Morne: John
My Flower, My Companion and Me: Eddie
Waltzing Matilda: Bill 1:2
Juila Clifford's Polka/Din Tarrents: Mick
Who's Sorry Now: Berry
The House of MacDonald: Ray
The End of The World: Lynda/Paul
I Recall A Gypsy Woman: Paul/Berry
The Nutting Maid: Bill 1:1
All Tomorrow's Parties: David
The Riddle: Joyce
Steal Away: Maggie/Colin
I'll Lay You Down Low: Eddie
The D-Day Dodgers: Bill 1:2
Blues Tune: Mick
What About Me: Berry
Your My Best Friend: Ray

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