Monday, October 20, 2008


We are approaching the 'eleventh hour on the eleventh day … ' you know the rest. Generally I find myself somewhat ambivalent about annual remembrance celebrations, but see this, listen and weep with me:

This is a performance of Coope, Boyes and Simpson, with a montage produced by someone called Ollie. (Appropriate permission for this post has been obtained.)
The lyrics are from a Shaker hymn adapted/augmented by John Tams. They are as follows:

Lay me low, lay me low, lay me low
Where no-one can see me
Where no-one can find me
Where no-one can hurt me

Show me the way, help me to say
All that I need to
All that I needed you gave me
All that I wanted you made me
When I stumbled you saved me

Lay me low...

Throw me a line, help me to find
Something to cling to
When the loneliness haunts me
When the bitterness taunts me
When the emptiness eats me.

Lay me low…

Now, here’s your homework:

I give notice that you are required to learn the words and familiarise yourself with the melody so that you may join me in singing this piece in anthemic glory when we meet on 14th. November.

The emotionally incontinent among you must provide supply own tissues.


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