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Beresford Greene Speaks (Seventh fit)....

Hello Songlovers,

Try to remember these prompts: - P - B - H - H - N - F. When I go to get petrol (that what the P is for), from Sainsbury's, there's a few items to remember. Brenda will be scathing if I forget anything, and equally awful if I buy other things! I'm supposed to be en-route NOW, not here BLOG writing "nonsense."

Just the other day we bought fruit at the local nursery. In particular, Plums & Apples I recall. I also recall Blackberries because we gathered these from the countryside and I got torn to bits. Brenda made a lovely crumble with some of it. After we had tucked in she said, "wasn't that nice?" I concurred because it was. Then she said "was the custard OK?" After some consideration I told her that I didn't have any custard on mine. A low level argument began. It seemed bizarre because I could not recall any custard. Finally I just had to get up and check. I found the custard in the fridge. Neither of us had had any custard!

Colin has sent me an advance of his latest BLOG posting that deals with this subject. As he acknowledges, I did issue a "paper" on this a while ago. (Mar 2005!). I did so for and on behalf of Mr Andrew Perry; for it was he that didn't like to be "interfered with" as one might say. For my own part I'd relish the prospect in most cases!

To be honest and absolutely up-front, I get a fair amount of joining in with my preferences for well known pop material. These days I don't get in the least bit phased by it, and rather look upon it as a compliment that the audience have at least recognised my interpretation! My first thought is to "entertain" if I can. Having said that, I wonder how one could reasonably object to people joining in with my fun. After all this is not a playing card suit, nay nor a big stick thing, THIS is a CLUB!

However, I can still remember when I was so new & raw to performing, that any kind of interference would throw me into a nervous rage. So the reverse used to be true. Some of the songs I do are subject to my own very different interpretation, and in those cases it might not be so easy just to join in. The fact that musical things are hard for me to get together means that I have to swallow hard when other folk can do it without so much spent time. I do admit though, it can be wearisome if one had a very serious delivery in mind, when the additions are not truly embellishing. In the reverse situation, I am disinclined to add any instrumentation unless I am very sure that my input will enhance the original performance. That takes a more supreme confidence than I would normally possess. These decisions come from within the personality of each individual and is surely the reason why I sometimes quote Irish folksinger & builder, Paddy Brown (RIP), who used to say "Well yer takes yerself with yer wherever yer goes!"

A word to the wise:- While it is good to make a serious endeavour, it is not so good to take oneself too seriously in public. If one feels strongly that there should be no interference, perhaps we ought to borrow the phrase that I have heard Andrew Perry use: -"Please observe the performer's right to silence." I'd recommend a set of considered words such as "Please let me mess this up all by myself."

I wouldn't want people to think that our lives revolve entirely around our musical hobby. Oh no! We have also taken up dancing. Would it be that we're any good at it, but let us leave that aside. Last week we had a dancing date in Worthing. Before anyone else makes any cracks about never getting out of Worthing alive, {or as one "friend" reminded me, "Portsmouth for the Continent; Worthing for the Incontinent !!!!!!!"}, let me remind you right now that we did; and didn't. {Get out alive, and ... Stay awake there!}.
However, we were very late in setting off. In a bid to help our dire situation which needed us get togged up and to eat, I made some sandwiches. Brenda asked that I cut said sandwiches into quarters, which I duly did. Imagine how I felt when she said these were the wrong shape! It seems that Brenda has a triangular mouth! Square sandwiches are just no good to her. I just had to laugh at this pathetic emulation of Mrs Bucket.

Have you noticed just how many musicians, down through history, were apt to "do drugs?" I think I know one reason why this might be. The notes of the scale(s) are spread about the various instruments in a rather haphazard way. Well in a way that's hard to get a handle on. Drugs help out in many ways. If, as is likely, one plays a bad note, ("bum note" in musical parlance), whilst under the influence, it is so much less noticeable. That's my reason anyway. Do you know, or even want to know why it is that the said scales are so dispositioned? I could tell you, but it takes a while. Better to have some more drugs.

Not really musical but funny. I have just seen a report on TV where a "refuse disposal vehicle" caught fire en route to the council incinerator. The fire brigade were called and went to endless lengths the put out the blaze. First of all they moved the smouldering cart to open ground and emptied it. There they encouraged the contents to catch fire, very nearly ruining the £250,000 vehicle. At last they turned on the hose leaving the sodden pile to be collected by the council. Where did the council take it? Onwards & upwards to the local incinerator!

Q: - What is the difference between a banker & a pigeon?
A: - A pigeon can still put a deposit on a Porsche

I'm one of those poor unfortunates that knows what a DECIBEL is. Yeah I do. I know where it was born & why. Yeah I do. It's a measure of audio power dreamed up by the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. {A Scot by the way}. He wanted a way to express the volume measurement that would hide the truth from his customers. FACT! It does that really well. For an increase of 3dBs one needs to raise the actual power in Watts by ten times. Yeah that's right X 10. That also means that a tenfold reduction in volume will result in a fall of only 3dB. "Madam, it must be you. Perhaps you are deaf. Why your sound levels are only down 3dB. ". What a scheme. Could we apply it to money - I wonder? I think the banks are doing just that as we speak!

Now for the prompts:- P = Petrol, B = Bread, H = Honey, N = Newspaper, F = Fish, H = Ham. There I got it.

Have a good week and don't forget to go on Friday. I'm considering the many requests that I have received - NOT to go!


P.S. Photo taken at Itchenor, suggests there are at least three others! Have you seen them?

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