Monday, October 13, 2008

Emerald Dew of the Morning - Bill1.2

Now who here remembers 5 Penny Piece I wonder...?


St. Anley said...

Is it my imagination, or does John, to Bill's right, (actually, if you're Bill, John would be on your left,) look thoroughly bored?

Wasn't the five-penny-piece the very worst consequence of decimalisation, anyway?

St. Anley said...

Further to last, what idiot at the Royal Mint conceived the 5p-piece? These so-called coins are nothing but elusive trouble, and I spend a considerable time counting those discarded in the contribution pot every Friday. At least 1 and 2p-pieces stick to my magnet. (That's strange - we still refer to those as 'copper'.) It is also bizarre that 5p-pieces are never donated in easily managed multiples of ten.

A suggestion here: keep them, save them, and lovingly attend to them as you watch them multiply as if by binary fission. Eventually donate one pounds-worth to Children in Need.