Sunday, February 15, 2009

Being the Thirteenth of February 2009...

Why is it the small misfortunes that beset us on a daily basis take on a deeper significance on Friday the 13th...?
I dunno...

This week we are really not hating these musical interludes...

The Leaving of Liverpool: Colin+Full Cast
Dame Durden: Ken+Full Cast
What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? : David
Lady of Beauty: Eddie
White Roses: John
This Street, That Man, This Life: Jane/Dave
If Only I Could Make You Care: Berry
I'll be Your Sweetheart: Ray
Romeo & Juliette: Roger
A Heart Needs A Home: Mick
Joe The Carrier Lad: John
A Life-boat Prayer: Mave
For the Goodtimes: Lynda/Paul
Tickle Me: Paul
Take a Wiff On Me: David
Lark in The Clear Air: Colin
Wild Mountain Thyme: Eddie
Leaving Nancy: John
Jesus Saviour Pilot Me: Jane/Dave
Sweet Dreams Baby: Berry/Ken
After the Ball was Over: Ray
Available Light: Roger
The City of New Orleans: Mick
Highway Man: John
Love is The Greatest Thing: Mave
I Know My Love: Lynda

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London Apprentice said...

Why oh why do I so often find life just too hard? It should now be absolutely simple for me to send in this "comment" for "moderation" by the editorial team. So why is it not so - not - not so?
To those I may have offended recently I say sorry but, ... why am I always in the wrong? Why is my behaviour so exceptional? What is it all about Lord?
To the tune of "oodle" please now sing: -
"I am a Google Blogger and not the bug--r that you see.
I have minds of oodle - why is it that I can't be?"